Individual Therapy


Melanie provides individual therapy to adults and adolescents. Melanie provides these services via telehealth services. 

·        Intake Phase – During the first session, therapeutic process, structure, policies and procedures will be discussed. We will also explore your experiences surrounding the presenting problem(s). 

·       Assessment Phase – The initial evaluation may last 2-4 sessions. During this assessment phase, I will be getting to know you. I will ask questions to gain an understanding of your worldview, strengths, concerns, needs, relationship dynamics, etc. During this relationship building process, I will be gathering a lot of information to aid in the therapeutic approach best suited for your needs and goals. If it is determined that I am not the best fit for your therapeutic needs, I will provide referrals for more appropriate treatment. 

·       Goal Development/Treatment Planning – After gathering background information, we will collaborate to identify your therapeutic goals.

·        Intervention Phase – This phase occurs anywhere from session two until graduation/discharge/termination. Each client must actively participate in therapy sessions, utilize solutions discussed, and complete assignments between sessions. Progress will be reviewed, and goals adjusted as needed. 

·       Graduation/Discharge/Termination – As you progress and get closer to completing goals, we will collaboratively discuss a transition plan for graduation/discharge/


Therapy sessions are typically weekly or biweekly depending upon the nature of the presenting challenges and insurance authorizations. It is difficult to initially predict how many sessions will be needed. We will collaboratively discuss from session to session what the next steps are and how often therapy sessions will occur.

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