Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Many forms of traditional therapy use past experiences and major life events to determine the root of a person’s issues. (1) However, Solution-Focused Therapy, also referred to as Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) takes on a much different approach as it focuses on the “present time” thereby allowing you to find a resolution much quicker. 

While utilizing SFBT, it’s evident to both you and your therapist what must be done to resolve a problem. However, because of certain challenges and barriers that may interfere, many of us  have difficulty getting there. Through therapeutic coaching, questioning, and guidance within this modality, individuals are able to successfully overcome the obstacles one may be facing.  

SFBT doesn’t focus on a patient’s history, but instead, focuses on the “now” and what steps can be taken so that one can begin working towards improvement.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy can sometimes be combined with other forms of therapy.

SFBT can be utilized alongside other types of treatment modalities. The therapists at Therapy by Melanie will consider each client’s situation and circumstances in order to determine what form of treatment(s) is going to be most effective.

What types of conditions is SFBT used to treat?

SFBT can be utilized for individuals who are experiencing varying issues, from relationship problems to family dysfunction. This method of treatment can help “improve quality of life” for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and even schizophrenia, though it shouldn’t be relied on as a cure.

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